Kens fundraising Challenge...

Help us sell 1500 items!

Ken's Story

Ken was diagnosed with aggressive stomach cancer in January. He will be going through chemo and possibly surgery. Medical insurance will not cover all of the cost, and short term disability only pays 60%. His wife is only working per diem since she was hurt 2 years ago. These funds will help to pay normal household bills, utilities, etc. The doctor wants him to take time off from work, but that is not feasible.   

Welcome to Ken's Fundraiser Challenge!

What would you do if... 
You suddenly became ill?

You need to use all your sick time and vacation time for treatment,
But chemo treatments will require even more time out of work!

Only two years prior your spouse had an accident and wasn't able to work full time!
Your insurance denies full coverage of your medical expenses... 

So What Is Our Challenge?

Our challenge is to sell 1500 items from our teespring store.
100% of profits from teespring go directly to my good friend and co-worker Ken.

When you make a purchase or donation you know you are helping a fellow veteran, father, mentor, and good friend!

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Thank YOU For Helping Us With Our Recovery Work!

 Challenge Progress Report as of 2/22/20...

6/1500 Items



Here you can donate to Ken's GoFundMe page!
All suggestions are welcome including product design! If you have a design you would like to share please contact me at and perhaps we can include it. Thank you!
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